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Datos Curriculares

Dra. Ana Paulina Barba de la Rosa

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Selección de artículos de investigación

Publicaciones en el Science Citation Index

1.- Calva Cruz OJ, Ovando-Vázquez C, De León-Rodriguez A, Veana F, Espitia-Rangel E, Treviño S, Barba de la Rosa AP "Dietary Supplementation with Popped Amaranth Modulatesthe Gut Microbiota in Low Height-for-Age Children: ANonrandomized Pilot Trial". FOODS . 2023;

12 : 2760

2.- Velarde-Salcedo AJ, De León-Rodríguez A, Calva Cruz OJ, Balderas-Hernández VE, De Anda Torres S, Barba de la Rosa AP "Extraction of bioactive compounds from Rubus idaeus waste by maceration and supercritical fluids extraction: the recovery of high added-value compounds". INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY . 2023;

3.- Ivan Takeshi Cerritos‐Castro, Araceli Patrón‐Soberano, Esaú Bojórquez‐Velázquez, Jorge Luis González‐Escobar, Erandi Vargas‐Ortiz, Emilio Muñoz‐Sandoval, Ana Paulina Barba de la Rosa "Amaranth calcium oxalate crystals are associated with chloroplast structures and proteins". MICROSCOPY RESEARCH AND TECHNIQUE . 2022;

85 : 3694-3706

4.- León-Villanueva A, Espinosa-Alonso G, Udenigwe ChC, Valdez-Morales M, Valdez-Ortiz A, Barba de la Rosa AP, Medina-Godoy S "Chemical and functional characterization of major protein fractions extracted from no-toxic Jatropha curcas by-product meals". JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN OIL CHEMISTS SOCIETY . 2022;

(en impresión (aceptado))

5.- Barba de la Rosa AP, Huerta-Ocampo JA, González-Escobar JL, Aguilar-Hernández HS, Salcedo-Barrientos G, Espitia-Rangel E. "Differential expression of iron transporters in Amaranthus cruentus roots when are subjected to salt stress: The influence of root endophytes". RHIZOSPHERE . 2022;

14 : 100620

6.- Calva-Cruz OJ, Badillo-Larios NS, De León-Rodríguez A, Espita-Rangel E, González-García R, Turrubiartes-Martinez E, Castro-Gallardo R, Barba de la Rosa AP "Lippia graveolens HBK oleoresins, extracted by supercritical fluids, showed bacterial activity against multidrug resistance Enterococcus faecalis and Staphylococcus aureus strains". DRUG DEVELOPMENT AND INDUSTRIAL PHARMACY . 2022;

18 : 1-33

7.- Cerritos-Castro IT, Patrón Soberano A, Barba de la Rosa AP "Method for CaOx crystals isolation from plant leaves". METHODSX . 2022;

9 : 101978

8.- Vazquez Rodriguez G, Juvera Avalos ER, Gonzalez C, Barba de la Rosa AP, and De Leon-Rodriguez A. "Production and optimization of a vasostatin-30 and vasoinhibin fusion protein that inhibits tumor angiogenesis and dissemination of breast cancer cells in a zebrafish model. ". PROCESS BIOCHEMISTRY . 2022;

(en impresión (aceptado))

9.- Mazorra-Carrillo J, De León-Rodríguez A, Huerta-Ocampo JA, Velarde-Salcedo AJ, González de Mejía E, Barba de la Rosa AP "Proteomic analysis of chemically transformed NIH-3T3 cells reveals novel mechanisms of action of amaranth lunasin-like peptide". FOOD RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL . 2022;

(en impresión (aceptado))

10.- Balderas-Hernández VE, Medina-Rivero E, Barba-De la Rosa AP, De León-Rodríguez A. "Agave salmiana syrup improves the production of recombinant human interleukin-2 in Escherichia coli". REVISTA MEXICANA DE INGENIERÍA QUÍMICA . 2021;

1 : 399-412

11.- Vargas-Cruz E, Ramírez-Tobias HM, González-EScobar JL, Gutierrez-Garcia AK, Bojórquez-Velázquez E, Espitia-Rangel E, Barba de la Rosa AP "Biomass, chlorophyll fluorescence, and osmoregulation traits let differentiation of wild and cultivated Amaranthus under water stress". JOURNAL OF PHOTOCHEMISTRY AND PHOTOBIOLOGY B-BIOLOGY . 2021;

220 : 2-10

12.- Guzmán-Albores JM, Bojórquez-Velázquez E, De León-Rodríguez A, Calva-Cruz OJ, Barba de la Rosa AP, Ruíz-Valdiviezo VM "Comparison of Moringa oleifera oils extracted with supercritical fluids and hexane and characterisation of seed storage proteins in defatted flour". FOOD BIOSCIENCE . 2021;

40 : 1-11

13.- Del Río Castillo AE, De León-Rodríguez A, Terrones M, Barba de la Rosa AP "Multi-walled carbón nanotubes enhance the genetic transformation of Bifidobacterium longum". CARBON . 2021;

814 : 902-909

14.- González-Escobar JL, Pereyra-Camacho MA, De León-Rodríguez A, Grajales-Lagunes A, Reyes-Agüero A, Chagolla-López A, Barba de la Rosa AP "Biodegradation of recalcitrant compounds and phthalates by cultural bacteria isolated form Liometopum apiculatum microbiota". WORLD JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY & BIOTECHNOLOGY . 2020;

36 : 1-13

15.- Balderas-Hernández VE, Ornelas-Salas JT, Barba de la Rosa AP, De Leon-Rodriguez A "Diminution of miigration of phthalic acid esters in tequila beverage by the year of production". JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND HEALTH PART B-PESTICIDES FOOD CONTAMINANTS AND AGRICULTURAL WASTES . 2020;

55(2) : 148-154

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17.- Olguín-Calderón D, González-Escobar JL, Ríos-Villa R, Dibildox-Alvarado E, De Léon-Rodríguez A, Barba de la Rosa AP "Modulation of caecal microbiome in obese mice associated with administration of amaranth or soybean protein isolates". POLISH JOURNAL OF FOOD AND NUTRITION SCIENCES . 2019;

69 : 35-44

18.- Hernández-Domínguez EE, Vargas-Ortiz E, Bojórquez-Velázquez E, Barrera-Pacheco A, Santos-Días MS, Camarena-Rangel N, Barba de la Rosa AP "Molecular characterization and in vitro interaction analysis of Op14-3-3μ protein from Opuntia-ficus-indica: Identification of a new client protein from shikimate pathway". JOURNAL OF PROTEOMICS . 2019;

(en impresión (aceptado))

19.- Bojórquez-Velázquez E, Barrera-Pacheco A, Espitia-Rangle E, Herrera-Estrella A, Barba de la Rosa AP "Protein analysis reveals differential accumulation of late embryogenesis abundant and storage proteins in seeds of wild and cultivated amaranth species". BMC PLANT BIOLOGY . 2019;

(en impresión (aceptado))

20.- Burgos-Canul YY, Canto-Canche B, Berezovski MV, Mironov G, Loyola-Vargas VM, Barba de la Rosa AP, Tzec-Simá M, Brito-Argáez L, Carrillo-Pech M, Grijalva-Arango R, Muñoz-Pérez G, Islas-Flores I "The cell wall proteome from two strains of Pseudocercosora fijensis with differences in virulence". WORLD JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY & BIOTECHNOLOGY . 2019;

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144 : 40-45

22.- Palomo-Briones R, Esquivel-González S, Aizpuru A, Gómez-Hernández N, Casas-Flores S, Barba de la Rosa AP, Arriaga S "Microbial contamination in methanol biofilters inoculated with a pure strain of Pichia pastoris: a potential limitation for waste revalorization". BIOTECHNOLOGY PROGRESS . 2018;


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109 : 497-505

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83 : 222-228

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111 : 697-704

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7:46536 : 1-12

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5 : 914-924

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10 : 181-193

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Publicaciones en otros índices internacionales

1.- Reyes-Hernández M, Ruiz-Cabrera MA, De Anda-Salazar A, González-Suarez L, Barba de la Rosa AP, Reyes-Agüero A., Grajales-Lagunes A "Inclusion of typical Mexican ingredients in canned escamoles (Liometopum apiculatum Mayr): Process time, chemical composition, sensory evaluation and structural changes". Journal of Insects as Food and Feed. . 2022;

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Publicaciones en revistas no indizadas

1.-Héliès-Toussaint C, Fouché E, Naud N, Bls-Y-Estrada F, Santos-Diaz MS, Nègre-Salvayre A, Barba de la Rosa AP, Guéraud F "Opuntia cladode powders inhibit adipogensis in 3T3-F442A adipocytes and a high-fat diet rat model by modifying metabolic parameters and favouring faecal fat excretion". BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies . 2020;

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