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The IPICyT is a recently established institution which has sufficient capability to create and carry out graduate programs of the highest quality and demand at the international level. It draws on an experienced faculty that has participated in several graduate programs both around the country and abroad.

Our faculty members are hired as active researchers, meaning their profiles meet those of the National System of Researchers (SNI); thus, a large percentage of our researchers belong to the SNI.

The institutional viewpoint is to incorporate scientists and technicians whose work can impact the worldwide scientific arena through original publications in the most prestigious international journals or through projects aimed at solving specific issues linked to different regional and national sectors, including the social sector.

Likewise, the vast majority of our faculty researchers have had the opportunity to collaborate with researchers abroad, either because they completed their PhD studies at foreign institutions or because following their doctoral studies at domestic institutions they spent time as postdoctoral fellows abroad.

Our faculty members are experts in the strategic areas for research development contributing to Mexico’s continued growth. These areas include Environmental Sciences, Molecular Biology, Applied Mathematics, Advanced Materials and Applied Geosciences.

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