Molecular Biology

_______________________________ Molecular Biology


The Department of Molecular Biology (DBM) has the objective to form researchers, specialists and technicians in molecular biology that indicates basic knowledge, are able to troubleshoot the public, private and social development through multidisciplinary approaches and contribute to the development of modern biology and biotechnology in the state and the region of central Mexico.

It is a scientific high-level decentralized that contributes to investigation, research, technological development and innovation through collaboration with institutions of higher education and research centers and links with the educational, productive and government.

Its faculty consists of 14 researchers with doctoral full-time commitment and belonging to the National System of Researchers, which affects the generation of knowledge and its application in the areas of:

  • Biotechnology,

  • Agrobiology,

  • Proteomics,

  • Neurobiology,

  • Functional Genomics and Comparative

  • Molecular Microbiology,

  • Structural Biology and

  • Molecular Biomedicine.

Graduate programs of the DBM are in high demand and are registered in the National Register of Postgraduate Quality-Padrón Nacional de Posgrados de Calidad (PNPC) National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT), which recognizes four levels of increasing quality:

  • 1) recently established,

  • 2) developing

  • 3) consolidated and

  • 4) international competition.

The Masters program is the level of international competition and the doctoral Ph D program has a consolidated level.


  • Division of Molecular Biology is an academic group with national leadership and international presence that generates spreads and disseminates scientific and technological frontier in science life with ethics and social responsibility. Conducts its academic activities with independence and freedom.

  • Conducting cutting edge research in agro-biology, biomedicine, food and biotechnology with emphasis on interdisciplinary. Forms excellent human resources with graduate programs of international quality. Offering to society services and quality technological developments.


  • Being an academic an excellent consolidated group and continued growth with competitiveness, leadership and international reputation in life sciences.

  • Conducts research and technological interdisciplinary development with international funding collaboration. Developing human domestic resources and foreign international competitiveness. Strengthens linkage and innovation of high impact to the various sectors of society.


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