Graduate Studies


Graduate Program Objectives

Graduate Program Objectives

The main objective of IPICYT graduate studies is to strengthen the education and training of independent researchers in science and technological development, and to encourage graduate student interaction with prestigious international groups in the framework of specific collaboration and research.

Master’s Studies.

To educate personnel trained to participate in innovative development, analysis, adaptation and incorporation into the practice of the area’s field of progress or specific aspects of professional practice, equipping the student with broad knowledge of his or her area of specialization, including the origin, development, paradigms, methodological aspects and current research techniques, in order to be prepared to carry out high-level academic activities.

PhD Studies

To educate personnel trained to participate in research and development, able to create and apply knowledge in an original and innovative manner, qualified to train and lead researchers or research groups. This education is both broad and deep, for which reason the student will possess full command of the field of study.

To this end, full-time students will be awarded scholarships to cover enrollment, tuition and living expenses, exclusively for the purposes of understanding and learning science and technological development, through the CONACYT-supported scholarship system with which our graduate program is affiliated, through the National Program of Quality Graduate Studies (PNPC).

One of the IPICYT’s strategies is to foster interdepartmental activities aimed at developing interdisciplinary projects, whether in basic research or in association with different sectors when targeted at solving regional issues with outside resources.

The Department of Molecular Biology is part of the Graduate Program with the same name, while the Departments of Environmental Sciences, Advanced Materials, Applied Geosciences and Mathematics comprise the Applied Science Graduate Program.

Interaction between both graduate programs and levels of studies is fostered through different mechanisms which include a mandatory interdisciplinary seminar, elective courses across programs, and collaboration on interdisciplinary projects.

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