Environmental Science

__________________________ Environmental Science


To Promote cutting- edge scientific research and technological development , original and multidisciplinary field of Environmental Sciences. Generates and transfers knowledge led to the conservation, regeneration and sustainable use of natural resources. Trains human resources through high quality graduate programs and through inter-linking academics. Provides consulting services and advice to the government sector, business and production. All this impacts directly on society at regional and national levels, having presence in various international forums.


Being an academic reference to regional and national level for the development of Environmental Sciences. Strengthens interdisciplinary research groups and increases the strategic networks of links with different sectors of society. Maintains and enhances cutting-edge infrastructure to develop innovative projects, providing highly specialized services and developing international human resources, highly creative and competitive. Increasing our presence and participation in public policy development and decision making in environmental matters.


  • Conducting research on the causative factors of global change and its impact on biota, soil, water and atmosphere.

  • Carry out relevant research in Environmental Sciences in order to prevent, reduce and remedy pollution of water, air and soil.

  • Develop basic research on the rational and sustainable use of natural resources through the understanding of ecosystem functioning.

  • To train specialists in a multidisciplinary environmental science trained in the use of modern techniques for studying and solving environmental problems.

  • Establishing and promoting technical guidelines for legislation and policy.


  • In the short term

Consolidate Graduate Program in Applied Science in Environmental Science with an option to form highly qualified human resources with a multidisciplinary approach. Strengthening the lines of overall research.

  • In the medium term

The specialists of the Division and its graduates contribute to solving environmental problems, promote environmental education of the population and contribute to the development and implementation of environmental policies in the locations where they work professionally.

  • In the long term

Transcending academically, forming highly trained specialists and conducting basic and applied research, thus contributing to improving the environment locally, regionally and globally.

Research Areas

  • Biotechnology and Environmental Engineering

  • Ecology and Global Environmental Change

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