Applied Mathematics

____________________________ Applied Mathematics


The aim of the Department of Applied Mathematics is to mathematically model physical systems that describe dynamic behavior and/or intrinsic characteristics, maintaining special interest in studying system models under a multidisciplinary approach, such as from biological, electrical, electromechanical, environmental, new chemical material, and other perspectives.

The Department develops control technologies and procedures, studies and comprehends the dynamics of these interdisciplinary problems. Its seven labs include the following:

  • Hybrid Systems

  • Complex Networks

  • Cellular Biodynamics

  • Biodynamics and Chemical Reactions

  • Power Electronics and Control Systems


We are a department within the IPICYT with socially committed, dynamic research groups that create and transfer knowledge with scientific rigor, regional and national leadership, and international presence in the areas of applied mathematics, biodynamics and non-linear systems, power electronics and electromechanical systems, and control and automation.

The department combines theoretical and experimental work in top-level laboratories, and educates human resources in analytical skills and applied orientation, in academic programs of excellence with graduates who are competitive at the international level.


To be a national benchmark with international leadership that contributes to the social development and wellbeing of Mexico by solving scientific, technological, and industrial problems, and which establishes partnerships with the academic and productive sectors based on innovation and academic excellence.

To have an international-level graduate program with consolidated research groups and critical mass that educate scientific leaders and competitive human resources in the international labor market, with the support of high quality infrastructure.

For these purposes, there are four strategic objectives, set forth in the department’s strategic planning:

  • I.-International level graduate program,,

  • II.- Creation and transfer of knowledge and innovation,

  • III.- Faculty consolidation, and

  • IV.- Strategic partnerships and associations.

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