________________________________ General Director

Dr. Alejandro Ricardo Femat Flores

The Institute for Scientific and Technological Research of San Luis Potosi, IPICYT, founded on November 24th, 2000, is a public multi- and interdisciplinary research center, a member of the CONACYT system. It is a major effort towards the decentralization of Mexico’s scientific and technological undertakings. It was also made possible by the San Luis Potosi State Government’s express interest and allocation of resources for the construction of the Institute’s first facilities.

The IPICYT houses high-quality research groups which, in addition to creating cutting-edge knowledge and providing undergraduate and graduate-level education, interacts with different sectors of society to support the development of a 21st-century San Luis Potosi.

The Institute is a Civil Association whose founding associates include the State Government of San Luis Potosi, the Science and Technology Council of San Luis Potosi, the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi, the Secretary of Public Education, the National Council of Science and Technology, the Center for Mathematical Research, and the Center for Advanced-Materials Research.

The IPICYT was established with the purpose of providing a regional alternative for the cultivation of natural and exact sciences, as well as developing technologies linked to resolving local, regional and national issues. Another strategic objective for the Institute is the dissemination and transfer of knowledge generated through research activities, as well as excellence in education in cutting-edge fields of knowledge. The IPICYT cultivates research areas in Molecular Biology, Advanced Materials, Applied Mathematics, Environmental Sciences and Applied Geosciences. Society’s needs as well as the opportunities and limitations of the environment are taken into account upon the selection of these areas of knowledge. For this reason, one of the Institute’s hallmark features is addressing research problems from an interdisciplinary standpoint in the exact and natural sciences.

Though its immediate commitment is to the State of San Luis Potosi, its mission unquestionably goes beyond the region’s borders to the national and international arenas due to the excellence of its research output and the opportunity for strategic projects it carries out in the areas of knowledge.