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Datos Curriculares

Dr. Luis Felipe Cházaro Ruiz

Investigador Titular "B"

Integrante del SNI. Nivel 1

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Selección de artículos de investigación

Publicaciones en el Science Citation Index

1.- E.D. Isaacs Páez, A.J. García Pérez, C. Nieto-Delgado, Luis F. Chazaro-Ruiz, and J.R. Rangel-Mendez "Enhanced CO2 capture kinetics by using macroporous carbonized natural fibers impregnated with an ionic liquid". JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR LIQUIDS . 2022;

350 (118602) : 1-11

2.- D. Ricardo Martinez-Vargas, Luis F. Chazaro-Ruiz, J. Rene Rangel-Mendez* "Exploring the polarization window during fluoride electrosorption in two activated carbons with significant differences in their pore-size distribution". SEPARATION AND PURIFICATION TECHNOLOGY . 2022;

295 : 121360

3.- D. Ricardo Martinez-Vargas, J. Rene Rangel-Mendez, Luis F. Chazaro-Ruiz "Fluoride electrosorption by hybrid La(III)-activated carbon electrodes under the influence of the La(III) content and the polarization profile". JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMICAL ENGINEERING . 2022;

10(1) : 106926

4.- D. Ricardo Martinez-Vargas, E.R. Larios-Durán, Luis F. Chazaro-Ruiz, J. Rene Rangel-Mendez "Fluoride electrosorption in the presence of competing anions of environmental relevance by two activated carbons modified with La(III)". ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA . 2022;

(en impresión (aceptado))

5.- Patricia M.Olmos-Moya, SergioVelazquez-Martinez, CarlosPineda-Arellano, J. ReneRangel-Mendez, Luis F.Chazaro-Ruiz "High added value functionalized carbon quantum dots synthetized from orange peels by assisted microwave solvothermal method and their performance as photosensitizer of mesoporous TiO2 photoelectrodes". CARBON . 2022;

187 : 216-229

6.- Esmeralda Vences-Alvarez, Luis F. Chazaro-Ruiz, J. Rene Rangel-Mendez "New bimetallic adsorbent material based on cerium-iron nanoparticles highly selective and affine for arsenic(V)". CHEMOSPHERE . 2022;

297(134177) : 1-12

7.- D. Ricardo Martinez-Vargas, E. R. Larios-Durán, Luis F. Chazaro-Ruiz, J. Rene RangelMendez "Correlation between physicochemical and electrochemical properties of an activated carbon doped with lanthanum for fluoride electrosorption". SEPARATION AND PURIFICATION TECHNOLOGY . 2021;

268 : 118702

8.- María Irene López- Cázares, Elizabeth Diane Isaacs-Páez, Juan Ascacio-Valdés, Cristóbal N. Aguilar-González, J. René Rangel-Mendez, Luis F. Chazáro-Ruiz "Electro-assisted naproxen adsorption followed by its electrodegradation and simultaneous electroreactivation of the activated carbon electrode". SEPARATION AND PURIFICATION TECHNOLOGY . 2021;

258 : 118030

9.- Carlos E. Flores-Chaparro, Mayra Cecilia Rodriguez-Hernandez, Luis Felipe Chazaro Ruiz, Ma. Catalina Alfaro-De la Torre, Miguel Ángel Huerta-Diaz, Jose Rene Rangel-Mendez "Experimental and modeling of competitive biosorption of naphthalene and BTEX in a packed-bed column with a macroalgae-based composite: Effect of NOM and flow rate on breakthrough curves". JOURNAL OF WATER PROCESS ENGINEERING . 2021;

40 : 101874

10.- Rios-Valenciana EE, Briones-Gallardo R, Chazaro-Ruiz LF, Lopez-Lozano NE, Sierra-Alvarez R, Celis LB. "Dissolution and final fate of arsenic associated with gypsum, calcite, and ferrihydrite: Influence of microbial reduction of As(V), sulfate, and Fe(III)". JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS . 2020;

239 : 124823 (en impresión (aceptado))

11.- Esmeralda Vences-Alvarez, Alejandro Lopez-Valdivieso, Luis F. Cházaro-Ruíz, Horacio Flores-Zuñiga, Jose Rene Rangel-Mendez "Enhanced arsenic removal from water by a bimetallic material ZrOx-FeOx with high OH density". ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH . 2020;

: 1-11

12.- Luis F. Cházaro-Ruiz, María Irene López-Cázares, Ignacio González, Yanet Toriz, Felipe Alatriste-Mondragon, Marcela Santana, Lourdes B. Celis "Improving Substrate Consumption and Decrease of Growth Yield in Aerobic Cultures of Pseudomonas denitrificans By Applying Low Voltages in Bioelectric Systems". APPLIED BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY . 2020;

190 : 1333-1348

13.- Rigoberto Santoyo-Cisneros, J. Rene Rangel-Mendez, José L. Nava, E. R. Larios-Durán, Luis F. Chazaro-Ruiz "Influence of surface chemistry of activated carbon electrodes on electro-assisted adsorption of arsenate". JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS . 2020;

392 : 122349

14.- Javier A. Quezada-Renteria, Luis F. Chazaro-Ruiz, Rene Rangel-Mendez "Poorly conductive electrochemically reduced graphene oxide films modified with alkyne chains to avoid the corrosion-promoting effect of graphene-based materials on carbon steel". CARBON . 2020;

167 : 512-522

15.- Luis F. Chazaro-Ruiz, Miguel Olvera-Sosa,Gabriela Vidal, J. Rene Rangel-Mendez, Gabriela Palestino ,Fatima Perez and Wei Zhang "Synthesis of Bamboo-like Multiwall Carbon Nanotube–Poly(Acrylic Acid-co-Itaconic Acid)/NaOH Composite Hydrogel and its Potential Application for Electrochemical Detection of Cadmium(II)". BIOSENSORS-BASEL . 2020;

10(10) : 1-17

16.- Javier A. Quezada Renteria, Cristina Ruiz-García, Thierry Sauvage, Luis F. Chazaro-Ruiz, Jose R. Rangel-Mendez, Conchi O. Ania "Tuning the reduction degree and the nature of surface defects (vacancies, sp3) in rGO upon combined mild photo(electro)chemical reduction". PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS . 2020;

22 : 20732-20743

17.- Luis F. Cházaro-Ruiz, María Irene López-Cázares, Ignacio González, Yanet Toriz, Felipe Alatriste-Mondragon, Marcela Santana, Lourdes B. Celis "Author Correction: Improving Substrate Consumption and Decrease of Growth Yield in Aerobic Cultures of Pseudomonas denitrificans By Applying Low Voltages in Bioelectric Systems". APPLIED BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY . 2019;

(en impresión (aceptado))

18.- Paola S. De Velasco-Maldonado, Aurora M. Pat-Espadas, Luis F. Cházaro-Ruiz, Francisco J. Cervantes, Virginia Hernández-Montoya "Cold oxygen plasma induces changes on the surface of carbon materials enhancing methanogenesis and N2O reduction in anaerobic sludge incubations". JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY . 2019;

94 : 3367-3374

19.- Javier A. Quezada-Renteria, Conchi O. Ania, Luis F. Chazaro-Ruiz, Jose R. Rangel- Mendez "Influence of protons on reduction degree and defect formation in electrochemically reduced graphene oxide". CARBON . 2019;

149 : 722-732

20.- Carlos E. Flores-Chaparro, Mayra C. Rodriguez-Hernandez, Luis F. Chazaro-Ruiz, Ma. Catalina Alfaro-De La Torre, Miguel A. Huerta-Diaz, Jose Rene Rangel-Mendez "Chitosan-macroalgae biocomposites as potential adsorbents of water-soluble hydrocarbons: Organic matter and ionic strength effects". JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION . 2018;

197 : 633-642

21.- Victor Hugo Luis-Zarate, Mayra Cecilia Rodriguez-Hernandez, Felipe Alatriste- Mondragon, Luis Felipe Chazaro-Ruiz, Jose Rene Rangel-Mendez "Coconut endocarp and mesocarp as both biosorbents of dissolved hydrocarbons in fuel spills and as a power source when exhausted". JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT . 2018;

211 : 103-111

22.- María Irene López-Cázares, Fátima Pérez-Rodríguez, J. René Rangel-Méndez, Marisol Centeno-Sánchez, Luis F. Cházaro-Ruiz "Improved conductivity and anti(bio)fouling of cation exchange membranes by AgNPs-GO nanocomposites". JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE . 2018;

565 : 463-479

23.- Jose R. Rangel-Mendez, Juan Matos, Luis F. Cházaro-Ruiz, Ana C. González-Castillo, Guillermo Barrios-Yáñez "Microwave-assisted synthesis of C-doped TiO2 and ZnO hybrid nanostructured materials as quantum-dots sensitized solar cells". APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE . 2018;

434 : 744-755

24.- Yiming Zhang, Wei Zhang, Luis F. Cházaro-Ruiz "Porous PVDF/PANI ion-exchange membrane (IEM) modified by polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) and lithium chloride in the application of membrane capacitive deionisation (MCDI)". WATER SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY . 2018;

77 : 2311-2319

25.- E. Tovar-Martinez, J. A. Moreno-Torres, J. V. Cabrera-Salazar, M. Reyes-Reyes, Luis F. Chazaro-Ruiz and R. López-Sandoval "Synthesis of carbon nano-onions doped with nitrogen using spray pyrolisis ". CARBON . 2018;

140 : 171

26.- Carlos E. Flores-Chaparro, Luis Felipe Chazaro Ruiz, Ma. Catalina Alfaro de la Torre, Miguel Angel Huerta-Diaz, Jose Rene Rangel-Mendez "Biosorption removal of benzene and toluene by three dried macroalgae at different ionic strength and temperatures: Algae biochemical composition and kinetics". JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT . 2017;

193 : 126-135

27.- Rios-Valenciana E.E., Briones-Gallardo R., Cházaro-Ruiz L.F., Martínez-Villegas N., Celis L.B. "Role of indigenous microbiota from heavily contaminated sediments in the bioprecipitation of arsenic". JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS . 2017;

339 : 114-121

28.- J. A. Quezada-Rentería, L. F. Cházaro-Ruiz, J. R. Rangel-Mendez "Synthesis of reduced graphene oxide (rGO) films onto carbon steel by cathodic electrophoretic deposition: anticorrosive coating". CARBON . 2017;

122 : 266-275

29.- Eduardo Toral-Sanchez, J. Rene Rangel-Mendez, Luis F. Cházaro-Ruiz "Characterization of iron modified carbon paste electrodes and their application in As(V) detection". JOURNAL OF APPLIED ELECTROCHEMISTRY . 2016;

46 : 205-215

30.- Cercado, B., Cházaro-Ruiz, L.F., Trejo-Córdoba, G., Buitrón, G., Razo-Flores, E. "Characterization of oxidized carbon foil as a low-cost alternative to carbon felt-based electrodes in bioelectrochemical systems". JOURNAL OF APPLIED ELECTROCHEMISTRY . 2016;

46 : 217-227

31.- A.S. Cruz-Zavala, A.M. Pat-Espadas, J.R. Rangel-Mendez, L.F. Chazaro-Ruiz, J.A. Ascacio-Valdes, C.N. Aguilar, F.J. Cervantes "Immobilization of metal-humic acid complexes in anaerobic granular sludge for their application as solid-phase redox mediators in the biotransformation of iopromide in UASB reactors". BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY . 2016;

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32.- Carlos E. Flores-Chaparro, Luis Felipe-Chazaro Ruiz, Ma. Catalina Alfaro-De la Torre, Jose Rene Rangel-Mendez "Soluble hydrocarbons uptake by porous carbonaceous adsorbents at different water ionic strength and temperature: something to consider in oil spills". ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH . 2016;

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131 : 40846(10 pag)

36.- Paola Mayela De la Cruz Guzman, Angelica Aguilar-Aguilar, Alan Bañuelos-Frias, Luis Felipe Chazaro-Ruiz and Gabriela Palestino "Hybrid Porous Silicon- Rhodamine B Derivative Nanostructures as Chemical Sensor for Hg(II) Detection". ECS TRANSACTIONS . 2014;

64 : 31-34

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140 : 550-556 Número de citas: 1

38.- Luis F. Cházaro-Ruiz, Andrea Kellenberger, Evelin Jähne, Hans-Jürgen Adler, Taruna Khandelwal, Lothar Dunsch "In situ ESR-UV-Vis-NIR spectroelectrochemical study of the p-doping of poly[2-(3-thienyl)acetate] and its hydrolyzed derivatives". PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS . 2009;

(en impresión (aceptado))

39.- Luis F. Cházaro-Ruiz, Andrea Kellenberger, Lothar Dunsch "In situ ESR/UV-Vis-NIR and ATR-FTIR spectroelectrochemical studies on the p-doping of copolymers of 3-methylthiophene and 3-hexylthiophene". JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B . 2009;

(en impresión (aceptado))

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(en impresión (aceptado))

41.- Luis F. Cházaro-Ruiz, Felipe J. González, M. Angeles Paz-Sandoval "Electrochemical oxidation of Cp*Ru(h5-2,4-dimethyl-pentadienyl) in acetonitrile. One-electron vs. two-electron generation of cationic acetonitrile coordinated complexes". JOURNAL OF ELECTROANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY . 2005;

(en impresión (aceptado))
Número de citas: 2

42.- M. Elena Navarro, Luis F. Cházaro, Felipe J. González, M. Angeles Paz-Sandoval "Electrochemical oxidation of Cp*Ru(h5-C6H9O) under argon and oxygen atmospheres. Generation of [Cp*Ru(CH3CN)3]+PF6- and Cp*RuO2(h3-C6H9O) complexes". JOURNAL OF ELECTROANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY . 2000;

Número de citas: 9

Publicaciones en otros índices internacionales

1.- E. Tovar-Martinez, J. V. Cabrera-Salazar, D. Hernandez-Arriaga, M. Reyes-Reyes, Luis F. Chazaro-Ruiz and R. López-Sandoval "Nitrogen doped carbon nanotubes decorated with iron carbide nanoparticles and their electrochemical capacitance". Materials Today Communications . 2019;

21 : 100667

2.- Márquez, J., De La Cruz-Guzmán, M., Cházaro, L.F., Palestino, G. "Porous silicon nanostructured materials for sensing applications: Molecular assembling and electrochemical or optical evaluation". . 2016;

1812 : 77-82

3.- Bibiana Cercado, Luis Felipe Cházaro, Vianey Ruiz, Israel López-Prieto, Germán Buitrón, Elías Razo-Flores "Biotic and abiotic characterization of bioanodes formed on oxidized carbon electrodes as a basis to predict their performance". Biosensors and Bioelectronics . 2013;

50 : 373-381